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  • Competition suit
  • Club hoodie
  • Club backpack
  • Club t-shirt - provided free with initial membership.

Boy's Kahuna Competition Suit

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We also have size 2XS/04 - 26" waist.  To oder this size, please purchase size (05/X Small).  Then when submitting your receipt to, please indicate that you want to receive a size 2XS/04 suit.


Girl's Kahuna Competition Suit
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Kahuna Hoodie w/Embroidered Shield 
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Kahuna Backpack w/Embroidered Shield


Club T-Shirt w/Printed Shield

Only order here to pay for extra club t-shirts.  Each athlete receives one free t-shirt with their first paid membership provided that the required merchandise (suit, backpack and hoodie) have been purchased.  Contact for your free t-shirt after you register.

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We also have t-shirts in heather (light) grey.  If you would like to receive a heather grey shirt, please indicate this when submitting your receipt to  If ordering multiple t-shirts, please indicate which ones you would like to be heather grey.

Kahuna Swim Cap (Note: Usually for girls only. Your cap color must match your polo cap color, dark for dark and white for white. You will need one of each. Goalkeepers only need red.

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Kahuna Sweat Pants w/Printed Shield
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For merchandise delivery or pick-up coordination, please e-mail your receipt to after making your purchase (please also copy  After your order is confirmed, you will be contacted to arrange for delivery or pick-up.
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