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Irvine Kahuna Water Polo is a community based program operating out of the world class William Woollett Aquatics Center and is part of Irvine Youth Water Polo Corporation (IYWPC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We are about participation and fundamental development, especially at the younger age groups.

We develop and train all athletes equally based on their proficiency and ability to learn. 

We are currently training nationally recognized players.

IYWPC recognizes that the success of our organization and sport and the maintenance of the organization’s integrity require that its coaches, board members, administrators and athletes pursue the highest standards of ethical conduct at all times.   The IYWPC will act in accordance with the following principles:

Fair Dealing

IYWPC will deal fairly with our players, officials, referees, coaches, colleagues, sponsors, suppliers and competitors.

Avoid Conflicts Of Interest

IYWPC acknowledges that there may be times when our personal or other interests conflict with those of the organization. In these circumstances, IYWPC will take action to remove or manage the conflict, so as to avoid detriment to IYWPC or any perception of conflict of interest.

Personal Transactions

IYWPC Directors, administrators or employees will not use the name of IYWPC (or any of its members) for personal gain.

IYWPC will not use any information gained from our dealings with IYWPC for personal gain, nor allow any such information to be used for the personal gain of others.

Any equipment, services or facilities made available to our players, officials, referees, coaches, colleagues, sponsors, suppliers and competitors by IYWPC will be used only for properly authorized purposes.

Maintain Confidentiality

IYWPC will take care to ensure that confidential information about our our players, officials, referees, coaches, colleagues, sponsors, suppliers and competitors is properly protected and not disclosed, except for proper purposes or where required by law.

Compliance With The Law And Company Policies

IYWPC will abide by the law and relevant policies at all times.

Reporting Breaches is Encouraged

Any breaches of the law or unethical behavior which becomes known must be reported to a relevant coach, administrator or board member. Breaches of the law which become known to a board member must be reported to the President or the Board as a whole. Any breaches so reported will be properly investigated and appropriate action taken. Persons who report suspected breaches in good faith shall be protected from victimization.

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