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What Does Kahuna Mean?

KAHUNA (ka·hu·na)
plural also (ka·hu·na)
i.e. we are Kahuna, he is Kahuna, etc.
Function: noun
Etymology: Hawaiian
Date: 1875

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word used to refer to a preeminent person or thing, a guru, any person or thing to whom larger-than-life power or authority is attributed, a person with specialized knowledge, or an expert in any profession.

Our club and corporate philosophy is to continually strive for the highest proficiency in our endeavors, whether it be teaching the dynamic sport of water polo to the community, operating events, developing our club, or supporting the Irvine communities as a 501(c)3 Public Charity.

Although many of our athlete, coach, and administrator club members have achieved Kahuna status with respect to many aspects of water polo and in life, our use of the word "Kahuna" as our philosophy is a constant reminder of what we strive to teach and wish to attain!

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