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Refund Policy

Membership fees are non-refundable.  Purchasing a membership is a commitment to Kahuna and the club relies on that commitment to fund its operations.

Event registration fees are not refundable; however, if a member pays for an event and is not placed on a roster, the club will credit the registration fee to the member’s account, or at the club's discretion, refund the registration fee .  Kahuna relies on the event registration fees collected from its members to enter tournaments, leagues and other water polo events, as well as cover its operating costs for these events (for example, coach fees, travel stipends, etc.).  The club must pay for team event registration fees in advance of each event.  Our operating costs don’t decrease because a member who committed to play does not participate.

Snack Bar buy-out fees are non-refundable.  Kahuna operates its snack bar as a fund-raising operation to help support the club’s operational and equipment needs.  The Snack Bar buy-out fee is a way for families to buy out of their Snack Bar shift obligation when circumstances prevent them from fulfilling it.  The club uses the buy-out fees to hire high school students to help staff the Snack Bar.

Merchandise purchases are refundable provided that the merchandise is returned unworn and in good (sellable) condition along with a copy of the purchase receipt.  At the club’s discretion, it may provide alternative merchandise of equal value instead of a refund.  Unworn merchandise that doesn’t fit may be exchanged for different sizes.

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