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Practice Location:  Kahuna Water Polo practices at Woollett Aquatics Center (WAC) in Irvine.

WAC ID:  The City of Irvine operates the WAC and all water polo athletes are required to register with the city and receive and use a city-issued ID to access and use WAC.  The ID is issued at no cost to the athlete.  Please inquire at the registration desk in the WAC main lobby to obtain your ID.

Practice Times:  Please be sure to the Kahuna Calendars or our Practice Times webpage for information about our practice times.  Because we share WAC with with Irvine High School, sometimes we must change our practice times to accommodate their competitive aquatics schedule.  Any changes in our practice time and schedule will be communicated via e-mail to all club members.

What to Bring:  Intro water polo athletes should bring a swim suit, towel and (if they'd like) swim goggles.

USA Water Polo (USAWP) Membership:  All athletes are required to have a USAWP membership because Kahuna is insured through USAWP.  Intro Water Polo athletes should purchase a Silver USAWP membership, which will allow them to practice with Kahuna, as well as participate in structured, developmental scrimmages sanctioned by USAWP.  All Kahuna athletes competing on age group teams (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U) must purchase a Gold USAWP membership, which will allow them to play in all USAWP sanctioned tournaments and events, including the Junior Olympics Qualifying Tournament and the National Junior Olympics.  USAWP memberships may be purchased on-line from USAWP.

Club Organization:  Please take a few moments to read through the About Us section of the Kahuna website to learn more about the organization of our club.

Codes of Conduct:  All Kahuna athletes and their parents, as well as coaches, administrators, employees and officials are expected to follow the Codes of Conduct.  Please take a few moments to read through the Codes of Conduct section of the Kahuna website.

Club Merchandise:  Once an athlete is ready to compete on a Kahuna Water Polo team, they must purchase a competition suit, club hoodie and club backpack.  With this merchandise, the will also receive a free club t-shirt.  These items, as well as other Kahuna merchandise may be purchased on-line from the Merchandise section of the Kahuna website.

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